Dinesen Ash

Dinesen is more than wood. Together with Studio Kleiner and three
different Architects we helped launch Ash wood to their product line.

Art Direction

For the release of Ash wood, Dinesen wanted to create a campaign that reflected their way of working in close collaboration with architects and designers.

We teamed up with Studio Kleiner in Stockholm and Documentary film photographer Linn Alluna in Copenhagen to create a series of images and interviews that would show all aspects of working on a collaboration with Dinesen. 

Three different architects where asked to pair Ash Wood with other materials that they thought were interesting. This resulted in three very different paletts reflecting each architect. The materials were sent to Studio Kleiner. The materials where put together into graphic spaces that would bring out the qualities of each material.

Images shown in Led frames made of Oak in Dinesens Showroom at Søtorvet in Copenhagen.

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